Somersworth 21st Century Classroom Grant funded by Title IID ARRA.

ABSTRACT Somersworth Middle School will implement a 21st century classroom 1:1 study comparing netbooks to iPod touches. One sixth grade team of 2 teachers and 50 students will pilot the 1:1 environment. One teacher will use iPod touches with each student; the other teacher will use netbooks with each student. To support this new learning environment, grade 6-8 middle school teachers will each receive a netbook and professional development focusing on teaching in a 1:1 environment. 21st Century Classroom Project Overview In order to produce a transforming effect in Somersworth School District, we are proposing a dramatic, rigorously designed 21st century classroom project that will provide 50 6th graders with one to one access to mobile learning devices. We hope to answer these essential questions:

    1. How does a 1:1 computing environment impact student achievement?
    2. How do 1:1 handheld devices affect teaching and learning in the classroom?
    3. What are the implications for the ubiquitous use of netbooks and/or handheld devices in the classroom?

The primary goals of this project are to:
    1. Provide 1:1 mobile technology access to students during their school day and after school hours
    2. Create an extended learning environment for students and teachers using an online course management system (CMS)
    3. Compare learning results obtained through using ipod touch versus netbooks in the classroom
    4. Increase student technology skill level as evidenced by NETS for Students and a technology skills assessment
    5. Increase teacher technology skill level and use of technology to implement project based learning in the classroom as evidenced by NETS for Teachers and technology skills assessment

Secondary goals include:
    1. increase student and teacher engagement in all subject areas as evidenced through self assessment
    2. increase student achievement in reading and math as measured by state and local assessment results
    3. increase teacher technology skill and integration of technology in the classroom
    4. increase parent involvement in school classroom, school and district activities
    5. increase community awareness and involvement in technology initiatives
    6. begin to prepare students for future learning environments, yet to be determined